1. School Fees are payable on or before the 10th of every Gregorian Calendar month 2. Fee is to be paid for all the twelve months on academic year basic that is April to march. 3. Late Fee at the rate of SR. 1.00 per day will be charged after 20th of the month. 4. Fee can be paid in advance. 5. Non Payment of fee for a period of two calendar months will result in removal of the name of the student from the register.


6. Re-admission however ¡s at the direction if the principal / Advisory Committee. 7. Student shall not be re-admitted until all the dues including re-admission fee of SR. 200/ -are paid. 8. Fee will be deposited in bank. This can must be presented with the bank deposit receipt for entry of fee in the card & school record.


9. Transportation changes for July & August (Summer Vacations) are exempted. However there will be no concession / exemption for winter vacation / Eid holidays and vacant Days During BI-Annual / Annual Examination. 10. Students proceeding on leave to Pakistan or aboard will intimate in writing before leaving the kingdom 11. Those desirous to leave school bus and use their own transport or have some other arrangements, will intimate in writing to school One month in advance. 12. Sudden changes in use of school bus during bi-Annual /Annual Examination will not be accepted.

Special Note:

1. Fee once paid are not refundable in any case 2. Cost of the Fee Card in SR. 2. In case of loss, for duplicate S.R. 5 Will be Charged/